9 Amazing Hacks For A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you take good care of the home that you have built with your sweat and money? I am sure you would think what a silly question is, as the answer to it is prima-facie, a YES. But now, let me ask you the same question tweaking the wordings a little. Do you take good care of the place where you live, that is your body? Pause for a while, introspect your lifestyle habits, and if the answer to this is a No, then you are at the right place.

Healthy Lifestyle

We begin our new year with a set of intentions such as lose weight, join the gym, eat more healthy, etc. However, by the end of the year, these intentions get buried under the heap of never-ending commitments and obligations. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a luxury but a necessity. The question lies as to how do we align our good intentions with reality. The answer lies in this article.

We all have seen and heard amazing life hacks or DIY hacks that come as a savior in tough times. On similar lines, here is a list of amazing hacks that can help you take good care of your body and get you walking on the wellness path. These hacks are a list of essential habits you can inculcate in your daily routine.

  1. Kickstart Your Day With Lemon And Honey-Infused Water:

Lemon And Honey-Infused Water

Starting your morning with a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice can have numerous health benefits that range from flushing away toxins from your body to keeping your digestive working as it should. This hack is sure to give you more energy and boost your health.

  1. Exercise At Least Three Times A Week:

Exercise At Least Three Times A Week

Before you hop in the shower, sweat it out by doing a few regular exercises at least three times a week. Working out has obvious health benefits, namely muscle gain and fat burn. But studies show that workout brings more than just physical benefits. It is a proven method to slash stress, anxiety, and depression.

  1. Do Not Skip Breakfast:

Do Not Skip Breakfast

It is called “Breakfast” because it is the first meal that breaks your overnight fast. Skipping breakfast can impact your metabolism. Studies show that skipping breakfast can cause clogged arteries and various other health problems. A hearty bowl of yogurt trail mix parfait or a bowl of hot cereals or any protein-infused meal can restore the glucose levels in your body.

  1. Eat Raw Vegetables Or Mix Them Into Everything Else:

Eat Raw Vegetables

Finish off all the veggies on your plate is a common thing we have all grown up hearing. But according to new research, consuming raw or uncooked vegetables can get your body even more nutrients. Another easy hack to get those nutrients inside you is to include vegetables in your daily meals. Just take a warm whole wheat tortilla, add a whole lot of veggies of your choice, top it with low-fat sauces of your choice and devour it.

  1. Mark, Your Water Bottle To Remind Yourself To Drink More:

Drink More Water

If you are someone who struggles to drink enough water, then buy yourself a clear water bottle and a permanent marker. Divide your bottle into 200 ML intervals throughout the day. If you follow it indigenously, then you will reach the target of 8 glasses by dinner time.

  1. Get At Least Seven Hours Of Sleep:

Seven Hours Of Sleep

The benefits of good sleep cannot be stressed enough. According to sleep experts, a good seven to nine-hour sleep can keep your brain sharp and your energy level sky-high. To g follow this simple hack, you got to build a personalized nighttime routine that will help you get better sleep.

  1. Be An Early Riser:

Be An Early Riser

Research suggests that waking up early in the morning can boost your speed. You are more energetic and will take lesser time to do a task that would otherwise take more time.

  1. Meditate:

Magic Of Meditation

Meditation has ample health benefits. It can help reduce blood pressure, check your stress level, and help get you better sleep. Take out 10 mins per day to unplug yourself from worldly worries.

  1. Hit A Warm Shower Before Bedtime:

Shower Before Bedtime

Did you know that a warm shower before bedtime could have health benefits? This simple hack can lower your body temperature and slow down metabolic functions such as heart rate and digestion. It can even help you get a good sleep.

Bottom Line

Being healthy should be the integral motive your life should revolve around. Because only If your body and mind are healthy will everything else fall in its place. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can not only help prevent chronic or long-term diseases but also help you feel good about yourself and, in turn, boost your self-esteem.

Himanshu Shah
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