9 Affirmations For Weight Loss

Affirmations For Weight Loss

Exercise+ Right diet + Affirmations = Weight Loss Achieved.

I will be fooling you if I say that these affirmations alone can result in weight loss. The reality is that when you combine physical activity and diet with the right attitude and thoughts, then no matter what, you will reach your ideal weight goal. A lot of people had experienced faster results when they practiced these affirmations along with their regular fitness regime.

First, Let’s Understand How Do Affirmations Help?

Affirmations are a way of convincing your mind that the goal you have set for yourself is achievable. Most motivational speakers vouch on the power of statement, and a lot of people have manifested big things in their life by changing their mindset.

So, if you have kept a weight loss goal, but your mind is always at logger’s heads and is pulling your motivation down, then affirmations is a must for you. Remember, you are a product of your mind. Statements help you to master your mind, rather than allowing your mind to learn you.

Here Are The Nine Magical Affirmations, That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Process

  1. I choose to eat only those things that are good for my body and mind. I do not allow junk to enter my body.
  1. I have full control of what I eat. My determination to stay fit is more significant than any temptation.
  1. Water is my favorite drink. I clean my system with fresh and clean water.
  1. Exercise makes me beautiful. I love my body, and I take care of it.
  1. I don’t want to be fit for others. Being fit is only to make myself feel healthy and happy.
  1. I give myself adequate sleep every night.
  1. I only let positive thoughts enter my mind. There is no space for anything negative in my world.
  1. With each day, I am getting closer to my ideal weight.
  1. I am grateful for my healthy body. I am in perfect shape and health.


Walk, run, jog, stretch, or do anything with a positive attitude and see the magic. Practice these affirmations, every morning or during your workout sessions and see the magic.

The control of your body lies with your mind, so with these weight loss affirmations, make your mind believe in your goals and turn them into reality.

Indira Dutta
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