7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dandruff

It’s itchy, it’s frustrating, and it’s a problem that has touched us all. Yes, today we are here to talk about the not so dangerous yet extremely irritating problem, universally called ‘Dandruff.’

FAQs About Dandruff

Be it winters or monsoon, the all-season problem for almost everybody today is an itchy scalp. We try different shampoos and many other products to get rid of it, yet it seems to come back and create the same irritation. Many people have been asking us many questions about dandruff, so in this article, we will try to provide scientific and effective answers to all your queries regarding the ‘Dandruff problem.’

  1. What Is Dandruff?

Let’s begin by understanding that what exactly is dandruff. Dandruff is usually produced when the skin of our scalp exfoliates rapidly and excessively. Although there isn’t any exact cause of dandruff, yet the two most common reasons for dandruff are:

  1. Excessive skin oil in the hair follicles
  2. Presence of yeast in the scalp, scientifically called Malassezia. Dandruff is produced by a

¬†natural microbe called the ‘Malassezia Globosa,’ which is constantly existing on the scalp.

  1. What Are The Early Symptoms Of Dandruff?

Symptoms Of Dandruff

Dandruff problem starts with itching and then flaking, and anytime you wear dark clothes, you will notice these dust-like flakes on your shoulders. Due to the growth of excess skin cells, flakes are formed, leading to irritation, itching, dryness of the scalp and hair, and redness.

  1. Does Stress Lead To Dandruff?

Well! Stress does not trigger dandruff, but it definitely makes the situation worse. Stress reduces the body’s defense mechanism and makes it difficult to put up with its effects, like itching, constant flaking, and dryness.

  1. Does Dandruff Lead To Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Dermatologists believe that a healthy scalp leads to healthy and strong hair; dandruff, on the other hand, makes hair dry and our scalp itchy. Further, by constant scratching of the scalp, our hair follicles weaken, leading to hair breakage and hair loss. Therefore, by treating dandruff, you can make your scalp healthy and prevent hair loss.

  1. Is There A Connection Between Dandruff And Acne?

Dandruff and acne are caused by two different things, yet they have a common link that connects both the factors. Dandruff and acne both are triggered by excessive oil production; when the grease of the scalp spreads to your facial skin, then it causes pimples.

Try a hot oil massage therapy on your scalp once a week to get rid of the pimples caused due to oily and itchy scalp.

  1. Does Acidity Cause Dandruff?

Cause Dandruff

If you are sensitive and allergic to oleic acid, then acidity leads to dandruff. Our scalp naturally has the presence of oleic acid. People who are sensitive to oleic acid will face this problem because the body will defend itself from the acid by shedding the irritant; this causes itching and flaking in the scalp.

To treat this, first visit a dermatologist to know if you are sensitive to oleic acid; next, select an anti-dandruff shampoo that helps you remove the oleic acid from the scalp.

  1. Are There Any Home Remedies For Dandruff?

You must have heard of the saying that our kitchen has all the solutions. Yes, that’s true. For every health-related issue, there is at least one solution that is present in our kitchen. For dandruff treatment, you can use Apple Cedar Vinegar. You can use it in 3 easy steps.

  • Just Mix a little Apple Cedar Vinegar in a cup of water.
  • Wash your hair with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Now apply the mixture to your wet hair, keep it for 15 minutes, and wash it after that.

You can also use natural henna to your hair, massage your scalp with coconut oil with lemon, apply neem juice to your scalp, clean your scalp with vinegar or apply green tea to your scalp; all of these methods will help you to naturally get rid of dandruff.

The Bottom Line:

More than a health issue, dandruff is a reputation issue; it lowers self-esteem and can harm one’s character. Thus, it is essential to right measures as suggested in the article to clean your scalp and shine your personality. Try medicated anti-dandruff shampoos combined with natural remedies. If religiously followed, you can get rid of the dandruff problem, just within 5 to 6 weeks.

Cure becomes easy; when we understand the problem thoroughly, dandruff is a problem that is irritating and frustrating. It is uncomfortable and can cause a loss of self-confidence and character. However, there are various misconceptions related to this problem; in this article, we will try to answer the popularly asked question on dandruff cure.

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