6 Tips To Have Beautiful Skin Everyday

Do you also have vibrant glow in summers, sticky oil on your nose during monsoons and dry and flaky skin in these chilly winters? Or is it all just a mixed mess with the changing seasons the entire year? Well, you change your clothes and lifestyle according to the weather, so why aren’t you treating your skin with the same luxury?

We know it can be challenging to fight the seasonal woes and follow different skin regimes (so don’t follow many just basics). Just like you your skin also needs all the love, patience, and right products it can get. Your skin can make or break your entire look and to have a healthy radiance with no effort all year round is a blessing given only to a few. But don’t worry, we’re dropping some tips (read: pixie dust) to make you all look better than those IG models.

  1. Stay Hydrate!

Stay Hydrate

Have we stressed enough how bad the skin needs moisture? In summers, you lose a lot of water, and it becomes a requirement to keep your skin drenched while in the winter’s lack of water retention leaves your skin dry and parched. The skin is a very thirsty person wanting proper hydration to make it look young and alive. Try aloe vera gel, a natural and effective hydrating agent.

Magic Wand: Applying any moisturizer over damp skin retains more water and work wonders.

  1. Gently Exfoliate The Dead Skin

Gently Exfoliate The Dead Skin


If your skin starts to feel scaly and old, don’t stress out, it’s just the dead layer on top in need of some exfoliation. By doing so you remove the dead skin cells and welcome the new bright skin layer underneath it. Do not be rough on your skin else; it’ll cause redness or rashes, even. You only need to exfoliate once in 7-10 days. Try homemade scrubs or purchase a cosmetic one according to your needs.

Magic Wand: Pat dry your skin to avoid irritation; you can also touch your skin with raw milk to lock that new radiance.

  1. Always Block Those Uv Rays

Always Block Those Uv Rays

Applying an SPF is a must, even if you can’t see the sun outside. Why? Because the harmful UV rays, which are a leading cause of skin cancer, penetrate the clouds and are present always. SPF also protects you from suntan, sunburn, and other kinds of skin damage. It is advised to only use sunscreens with an SPF-30 or more.

Magic Wand: Mix your moisturizer with your sunscreen, so you don’t forget to use it daily.

  1. Your Food Reflects On Your Skin

What To Eat

Binging on junk food with high calories, spices, and oils not only tampers with your weight and health but also ruins your wish of beautiful skin. It promotes excess oil build-ups, which cause pimples and acne. You must eat green veggies like broccoli, spinach, etc. A lot, rich in vitamins and proteins along with mineral-filled fruits like oranges. Healthy skin comes from low sugar and carbs.

Magic Wand: Also, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to flush out those toxins.

  1. Wash Regularly

Wash Regularly

To remove all the dust particles and pollution that gets accumulated on your skin, splash your face with fresh water at least twice a day. This not only helps in removing the dirt but also removes excess oils from your skin.

Magic Wand: Don’t always use soap, plain H20 works just fine.

  1. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

No wonder why Aurora found her Prince Charming and woke up with all that glow. Good sleep is a must for anyone dreaming about vibrant and healthy skin. Sleep reduces stress, which in turn reduces wrinkles and dark circles, which lets your skin shine bright naturally. Enough sleep is essential; that’s why it’s recommended to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep daily.

Magic Wand: Sleep on silk sheets and pillowcases; they don’t catch dirt and bacteria easily.

These small things aren’t so hard now, are they? So, achieve your goal of that perfect luminous skin and smile with the glow!

Preeti Shah
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