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6 Signals To Know That Your Body Is Dehydrated



Up to 60% of our body is water, so now imagine how important it is always for us to keep our body hydrated. Those who research on Body medicine have clearly stated that our body can signal us about any ailment at a very early stage. However, most probably, we ignore these warning signs.

Likewise, when your body needs more body, it communicates this message through some common symptoms. It is essential to understand these signals and take adequate actions immediately.

  1. Headaches


If you are suffering from constant headaches, then this is a sign of dehydration. Dehydration can cause migraine, lightheadedness, or delirium. Due to a lack of fluids, the brain volume shrinks, and this triggers the pain in the skull.

  1. Increased Thirst

Increased Thirst

Listen, what your body says; if it’s asking for water after every 10 minutes, then that’s a sign of severe dehydration. Fulfill the lack of water, by drinking juices and freshwater.

  1. Fatigue & Irritation

Fatigue & Irritation

When your body lacks fluid, then it causes severe mood swings. The energy level in the body reduces, and thus you feel tired and restless. At this point, any form of conversation can irritate you, and although you might know that the irritation is illogical, yet it’s beyond your control. So next time, you feel like this, drink a lot of water.

  1. Change In Urine Colour

Change In Urine Colour

If your Urine color changes to dark yellow, then it is an obvious sign of dehydration. Immediately drink a few glasses of water.

  1. Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Water can bring a glow to your face, so the more fluids you intake, the more moisture is added to your skin.

  1. Pain In The Urinary Bladder

Pain In The Urinary Bladder

If you suddenly feel a little pain in your urinary bladder, then it could be due to dehydration. Immediately drink some water. If the pain subsides, after drinking a glass or two, then the cause of the pain was lack of hydration. However, if the pain continues, please visit your doctor instantly.

Final Word:

Although Dehydration might sound like a common condition, yet if you do not replenish your body with fluids, then it might create significant complications. So, if you are facing any of these symptoms, then you need to drink enough water to fight against dehydration.

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