5 Things You Need To Know Before Freezing Your Eggs

Modern women are not looking at life with early marriage, followed by kids within a year; they want to live life tastefully, have a perfect blend of career, enjoy married life, and plan their finances properly before they jump into parenthood. Having kids at 35 is not a big deal anymore. Moreover, the concept of multiple kids is also outdated. Thanks to liberalization, couples today are happy with a single kid, be it a boy or girl. The priority is to have kids when they are mentally, physically, and financially ready; the time or the age of having kids does not matter to modern-day couples.

Benefits Of Freezing Your Eggs

But wait, haven’t we heard about the complications of birthing with age. Doctors recommend that the first kid should be conceived early so that the kid and the mother go through normal delivery. So, in this scenario, what are the options. The answer to this lies in the technological advancement of the medical fraternity. Today, we have a solution to almost everything, including delayed childbirth. Many women have now turned to the option of freezing their eggs to preserve their reproductive potential.

Egg Freezing is the new talk in the town; we have seen many women go through the painful process of IVF when they try to conceive late. Egg freezing is a better option than these painful fertility procedures. However, collect all information before you sign up for the process. Many celebrities have endorsed this process, and it is the next big invention in medical science.

The procedure of egg-freezing comprises multiple stages, and the most critical stage is stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs. This process is the biggest gift of technology for women who want to delay childbirth.

What Is The Process Of Egg Freezing?

What Is The Process Of Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing, also called oocyte cryopreservation, is a process designed to preserve reproductive abilities. In this process, the female decides to store their unfertilized egg at an early age to be used later. Typically, the female eggs are gathered from the ovaries and are stored in a frozen environment. Later, when the female is ready to conceive, the frozen unfertilized egg goes through the process of Vitro fertilization, post which the fertilized egg is implanted in the lady’s uterus.

In simple terms, women can store their healthy eggs at an early age and use them I future to conceive in the future. As we age, the quality of our eggs varies; it’s best when we are young.

What Are The 5 Things You Must Know Before You Consider ‘Egg Freezing’?

Egg freezing might come as a relief to a lot of women who want late pregnancy. However, before you jump the guns and head towards freezing your precious eggs, there are few essential things that a person must keep in mind.

  • It’s Not A 100% Guaranteed Solution.

It's Not A 100% Guaranteed Solution

The success of egg freezing depends upon the age at which this process is conducted. The changes of the eggs surviving the warming process is more at 25 than at 35. Thus, the decision to go ahead with the process should not be taken in a hush; it should only be conducted after an expert doctor’s consultation.

  • The Process Is Intense.

The Process Is Intense

It’s easier said than done. The process goes through multiple layers. First, blood samples are taken to understand your ovarian health, and you check if you have infectious diseases.

Next, an ultrasound will be conducted to investigate your ovarian functions. Post this process, you will be injected with synthetic hormones that will help in the growth of follicles. You will also be given medication to prevent ovulation before retrieval. After this preliminary process, an ultrasound will again be performed to confirm if your follicles are ready for egg retrieval. After retrieval, the eggs are removed from the ovaries through your vagina. This is how the entire process looks; if you are prepared for this intense process, you can undoubtedly go for it.

  • Egg Freezing Can Have Some Side Effects.

Egg Freezing Can Have Some Side Effects

Within 10 days, you can get back to your regular activities. However, there are few side effects of the process. You might experience cramps, instant pain in the abdomen. Mood swings, weight gain, and anxiety are also emotions that resurface at this time.

  • It’s A Costly Affair.

Egg Freezing Is Costly

The entire process could cost you around $15000, and the storage cost of the eggs would be about $1000 per year. The entire process, till pregnancy, would cost you approximately $25,000 to $30,000.

  • Securing Pregnancy Even With Serious Health Issues.

Harmful Effects Of Chemotherapy Or Radiation

Cancer patients can consider this option to secure their eggs from the harmful effects of chemotherapy or radiation. Post your recovery from the harmful disease; you can use the frozen egg and give birth to a healthy baby.

The Bottom Line:

Technology has undoubtedly made the impossible possible. However, it is better to be informed before getting involved in the process. We would recommend that you not get overwhelmed by the process but trust your doctor and follow his instructions till the last word.

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