5 Cancer Warning Signs

Cancer Warning Signs

In the past few years, cancer has become the most dangerous and most affected disease. From a newborn to an older adult, everyone can be affected by this disease. What makes this disease the most difficult is that it has no permanent cure. All of its drugs are temporary and can affect you again. Every human body part can be affected by this disease.

When we think about cancer and its symptoms, the only sign that first comes to our mind is unwanted lumps in our bodies. But cancer has many symptoms that we often ignore. When the symptoms are well diagnosed and treatment starts from the first stage, it will be easier to cure the patient better.

In this article, I am going to discuss 5 cancer warning signs that we often ignore. So let me take you through some vital information about cancer symptoms.

Cancer And Cancer Cells:

To know about the symptoms, first, we have to understand what is cancer and cancer cells. As I mentioned earlier, we often think that unwanted lumps on our bodies are signs of cancer, but why do we feel so? Our body cells are formed and destroyed regularly, and the destroyed cells are washed out from our body. Sometimes these dead cells can not be washed out and stayed in our body in a group. This group of cells killed is called tumor cells. When these tumor cells become malignant or can spread or increase their numbers, they become cancer cells.

The primary treatment for these cancer cells is to burn them with lesser rays. This is called chemotherapy. Another way is to cut out that affected body part. But the only problem with this part is that cancer cells can be formed from the cut areas. So, no treatment is permanent for cancer. We can only delay the ultimate loss. Nowadays, the most common cancer-affected body parts are breasts and uterus in women, prostate gland in men, lungs, skin, and stomach.

5 Cancer Warning Signs:

Now that you already know about cancer and cancer cells, I will take you through the most common 5 cancer warning signs.

Body Aches And Pains In A Particular Part

Body aches and pains are widespread among everyone. Lousy sleeping positions, excessive work, or even exercising a lot can cause body aches and pains. So, it is easy to underestimate these signs. But modern research shows that it can be a sign of cancer if someone has body aches and pains in a particular part. Where the cancer cells start to grow, that part will cause you great pain for a long time. So, it will be hazardous for you if you ignore such symptoms.

When you have pain in a particular part of your body, wait for 2 to 3 days. If the pain remains, don’t hesitate to go to a doctor. Consult a good doctor, take medicine according to your doctor, and don’t ever take any medication without a prescription or consulting a doctor.


Fatigue is a widespread symptom of almost every disease. If you have a fever, if you are tired of working a lot, you can feel tired if you don’t sleep properly at night. So, we don’t give importance to it. We often think that the person is lazy. But according to scientists, fatigue is another underestimated symptom of cancer. Cancer cells are something that grows faster than normal cells. So, cancer cells need more nutrients than normal body cells. That is why fatigue is a common symptom of cancer.

So, if you feel exhausted every day and that doesn’t go after sleeping well, it can be a sign of cancer. Don’t neglect it and consult your doctor immediately.

Sudden Weight Loss And Eating Disorder

We all want to cut down those extra inches from our bodies. So, we work out hard and start to eat healthily. It is very typical to lose weight fast when you suddenly begin to eat much calorie deficit. Otherwise, good exercise and a good amount of nutrition can lose weight slowly and steadily. Sometimes it is also common for diabetic patients to lose weight very fast. But if you do not have diabetes or are not on a crash diet but losing weight very fast, it can be a sign of cancer. As I said before, cancer cells need more nutrients than normal cells, so often, they start to get nutrients from our body’s reserved food sources. That is why cancer patients begin to lose weight very rapidly.

Other than that, they often have eating disorders like decreased appetite or acidity problems. If you face these symptoms for a long time, then immediately go to your doctor and check. It can be a sign of cancer.

Bleeding Unusually

When we cut ourselves, we bleed. That is normal. But when it starts to bleed internally, it will be hazardous. Sometimes cancer affected body parts began to be internal. You can observe internal bleeding through your stool, urine, vomit, etc. Internal bleeding can also lead to death. So, if you see blood in your stool or urine, please don’t neglect it for a day. Immediately go to your doctor and consult him.

Unusual blood from your nose, genital areas, or ears is also a part of it.

Dry Coughing For A Long Time

Dry coughing is very common if you are driving a bike without a mask. Dust is a primary reason for dry coughing. But it usually is only for a day or two. But those who are having dry coughs for a very long time have a chance of cancer. Especially for those who smoke regularly, the cases of cancer are there. Dry coughing is a widespread symptom of lung cancer. If you have this symptom, please consult a doctor first and then take prescribed medicines.

Apart from these symptoms, every cancer has a significant sign like- stomach cancer has an essential symptom of eating disorder and blood in the stool, uterus cancer has to bleed from the genital area, brain cancer has constant pain in the head, etc. The main thing is that you don’t ignore even the most minor symptoms. The cure will be more accessible when diagnosed early. These are 5 cancer warning signs that we often forget. I hope this information will help you to keep you and your family a little alert about cancer.


It is obvious to neglect common symptoms like body pains, fatigue, etc. But the critical point of every disease is that early diagnosis, better treatment. Do not ignore even a minor symptom, whether it is a common fever or cough. Cancer can be treated permanently, but an early diagnosis can decrease the damage. So, be sensible.

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