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What Is The Main Cause Of Glaucoma?

Once the optic nerve is injured, glaucoma might begin to develop. Glaucoma is usually brought on by the eye's inability to keep a healthy balance between the volume of internal fluid it generates and the quantity that drops away.

Top 9 Misconceptions About Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid illness comes in a variety of forms, such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Your thyroid develops and manufactures hormones that are involved in several bodily processes. Let's read the Top 9 misconceptions about thyroid diseases.

World Leprosy Day – Know Its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The 30th of January this year marks World Leprosy Day. This global holiday offers the chance to honor those who have battled leprosy, increase public understanding of the condition, and demand an end to prejudice and stigma connected to the disease.

Top 9 Natural Toothpaste Alternatives For Healthy Teeth

Are you looking for natural alternatives for your toothpaste? It’s time to ditch your toothpaste because your search is over. Here’s an expansive list of alternatives that can come in handy for keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Cervical Cancer – Know Its Complications, Symptoms, and Treatments

Cancer is an illness when the body's cells proliferate unchecked. Cervical cancer frequently shows no signs. The five-year rate of relative survival for cervical cancer individuals who are diagnosed at the earliest possible stage is above 90%.

Eczema – Symptoms Causes And Treatment

The skin ailment Eczema is prevalent and can affect both children and adults. Atopic eczema, atopic dermatitis, and allergic eczema are additional names for it. If you're having difficulties controlling your eczema or if your symptoms have gotten worse, consult a doctor.

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