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World AIDS Day: Facts To Know About AIDS

This virus was identified in 1984. Over 35 million people have died because of HIV AIDS-related illness, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in human life history. With the advance in the scientific field, various laws have been made that helps people who have HIV get themselves protected and get multiple support from the government. However, despite adopting specific measures, different people diagnosed with HIV worldwide are unaware of protecting themselves from this virus.

Threats Associated With Antibiotic Overuse

Antibiotics, often known as antibacterial drugs, kill or slow bacteria's proliferation. They consist of a variety of potent medications that are used to treat bacterial illnesses. Our immune system can usually eliminate bacteria before they grow and produce symptoms.

Causes Of Premature Baldness And Possible Remedies

Premature baldness is a condition that is caused in males due to various reasons. There is no way to stop it permanently, but there are multiple solutions to slow it down. People get scared when it comes to their hair falling around and losing its hair density. In most cases, we see men going bald before their age which is known as premature baldness.

How HIV Affects LGBTQ+ People

While HIV affects millions of people worldwide from all walks of life, it seriously dominates their lives. Before moving further, you must know What HIV is, How It spreads, and many more.

Experiencing Acid Reflux? How Can You Avoid It?

Acid reflux is the disturbance caused by the amount of body acid. This disturbance is natural sometimes, but usually, they are caused due to consumption of some irregularly spicy or indigestive food item. Acid reflux, if ignored, turns into a dangerous type of digestive disease that affects your complete digestive system from time to time. This reduces your digestion capacity, your strength and causes some internal damage to your body.

Know All About Lung Cancer

Cancer is a very dreadful disease. And Lung Cancer is one of them which can be fatal if not treated at its early stage. Cancer tissues grow quickly, dividing and spreading to other tissues and organs. Even if cancers expand to other places of the body, they are termed by the site where they start developing and the kind of cell they are made up of. Cancer that begins in the lungs and progresses to the liver

9 Tips To Cut Back The Chance Of Alzheimer

Women in their 60s are pretty twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's throughout their lives as they develop carcinoma. And nobody knows why the disease so disproportionately plagues women. There are various steps you'll be able to take now that will lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease. Take consultation of the doctor before adopting any significant lifestyle changes.

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