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What’s Your Body-Fat Index?

The height vs. weight index has been in talks for a long time, but before we jump into declaring fat as a villain, let us understand its importance. Good fat is essential as it lowers the risk of stroke, reduces bad cholesterol, and provides warmth to the internal organs. Thus, BMI is an important test to understand how much fat is good for our body type. Everybody type is unique, and no one number is correct. Know the best methods of calculating your BMI and stay fit forever.

5 Most Commonly Found Cancers In Women

According to WHO, Cancer can be treated if it is detected at an early stage. Thus, it is crucial to understand the small changes that take place in our body, feed our body with healthy food, and when in doubt, visit the doctor immediately. Cancer is more of a psychological battle than a physical war; stay strong, and allow your body to heal. Cancer is curable, so do not panic, be aware of your body and take the suggested treatment.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Freezing Your Eggs

Egg Freezing is the new talk in the town; we have seen many women go through the painful process of IVF when they try to conceive late. Egg freezing is a better option than these painful fertility procedures. However, collect all information before you sign up for the process. Many celebrities have endorsed this process, and it is the next big invention in medical science.

The 7-Day Vegetarian GM Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Simply by adding more carbs and low calories to our diet, the GM diet is a sure shot method of weight loss. However, one needs to take care of their diet post the 7-Day GM diet plan; if you again start consuming high calories after the 7th Day, you might gain more weight than you lost. Add nuts and nutrients to your diet but keep the calories low post the GM diet period.

Understand The Types Of Chronic Gastritis: Causes And Treatment

Gastritis, whether acute or chronic, occurs in one's body when the stomach lining gets swollen and turns red. Sometimes it fails to show the signs to some individuals, but some symptoms can arise over time, including nausea, vomiting, indigestion, bloating loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

11 Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

There are many health benefits of drinking warm water or drinking honey lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. It clears your digestion, helps to lose weight, etc. Let us study the most common health benefits of drinking warm water. Here, we have suggested the best health benefits of drinking warm water, but in any case, it doesn't suit you, consult your doctor if you have any severe disease or any other issues.

Beauty Foods For Your Eyes, Skin, And Hair

Beauty products can hide your flaws and make you look perfect, but to get naturally beautiful and spotless skin, you need more than these external products. This article brings to you three easy and most effective recipes that can help you fight age and remain beautiful eternally. Five-minute vegetarian recipes for your eyes, skin, and hair that are sure to make you look beautiful, younger, and confident.

What We Call A Healthy Sleep? Why Is It Important?

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are very common these days among young adults, caused due to long working hours, increased screen time, use of gadgets, excess intake of caffeine, alcohol, etc. Let's see why it is crucial to have a healthy sleep and why you should focus more on it before it triggers any major diseases; whether acute or chronic.

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