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Understand The Menstrual Cycle And The, And It’s Important In Life

Evidence has found that women who have worried about heavy periods are more likely, and not all periods are statistically heavy to have high blood loss. Results from the importance of the menstrual cycle indicate that this trend is particularly stressful for women.

9 Symptoms Of Swine Flu

Swine flu is a contagious disease that can have severe consequences if ignored. Last year, many cases of this came across the country. If swine flu is not treated, it can also become fatal. This can be quite dangerous, especially for lung patients. Small children, older adults are more likely to be vulnerable. Here are nine symptoms of swine flu to understand in a better way.

What Is Prostate Cancer – 9 Signs And Symptoms

Prostate cancer is a disease that happens in the prostate — a little pecan molded organ in men that creates the original liquid that supports and transports sperm. Prostate cancer is one of the most popular sorts of diseases in men. Usually, prostate cancer develops gradually and is at first restricted to the prostate organ, where it may not cause genuine damage.

World Sleep Day 2020 – Facts And Importance Of Sleep In Our Lives

World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox. One of the most essential and crucial activities of our life is sleeping. It is also one of the events humans tend to ignore or delay the most. World Sleep Day is celebrated to spread awareness of the importance of sleeping and the health factors that are associated with that.

9 Tips To Stay Safe And Healthy During Summer – Beat The Heat

Summer has arrived. This summer season significantly affects our human body externally and internally. If some precautions are taken in this season, it can be kept healthy by avoiding its side effects. If we do any carelessness in this season, we may have to suffer from many kinds of problems.

9 Food And Fruits You Should Avoid During Summer

It’s a type of delusion that summertime means higher exercising and healthier food alternatives for everyone. Here are the summer foods you always have to avoid, and healthier options you could sense unfastened to enjoy. Given beneath are food objects that one should preferably prevent at some stage in the summers:

Top Stories About 150 Swine Flu Cases In Delhi 2020 Of This Week

In Delhi, swine flu attacked the judges of the Supreme court while they were attending a meeting with the chief justice of India. It has affected five judges, and they are suffering from a viral illness. It was stated that the result of the swine flu test is positive for the five judges of the Supreme court. These attacks are increasing fear in people.

Tell Me The Right Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet was eaten by the people in countries like Italy and Greece. It is the traditional food which used to keep people healthy, and they use to get very fewer diseases. It has been discovered that the Mediterranean diet helps in preventing heart attacks, diabetes, cause weight loss and to live longer.

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