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20 Habits You Should Adopt In Your 20s To Live Longer And Healthier

Our twenties are the most beautiful period in our lives. Following the above-discussed pointers will surely make it easy for you to lead a happy and successful life for a long period of time.

A lot happens in life every day, and most of it happens in your twenties. The twenties are the years that decide the way forward for many people. Many firsts also happen in your twenty. Your first job, first bike, first car, first house, and more! We do a lot of activities in our twenties that stay with us throughout our life. We get into jobs that we might stay at for the rest of our life, get married to the person you love, build a house where you will be staying forever, and more. While so much is happening in our twenties, it is essential to know all the habits that will lead a happy life. Through this article, we shall look at 20 habits you should adopt in your 20s to live longer and healthier.

As a young adult, it might be challenging to develop the best habits as there is a lot to explore. You might be working long hours at work, be under pressure from work, family, and friends. To make it short and simple, we have tried to give you 20 habits to adopt in your 20s to live longer and healthier.

  1. Try To Be Surrounded By Positive Energy:

Try To Be Surrounded By Positive Energy

As we engage in many activities, it is essential to note that we will need as much support as needed. People who know what you are doing, who themselves have done something similar, achieved some great things in life. Try to expand your network with such people. While you are on it, deviate yourself from people who pull you down constantly. This will give you more energy to achieve more.

  1. Get Enough Sleep:

Get Enough Sleep

Yes, you read that right. While we are very busy doing many things, we tend to forget that we need to rest. Ensure you have a schedule that you follow that helps you sleep for at least 7 – 8 hours a day. Sleep like a baby. A good amount of rest helps you be fresh afterward. Rest also enables you to be active when you have to be.

  1. Trust Your Gut:

Trust Your Gut

In your twenties, you will be presented with many opportunities. You might not have all the experience that is needed to decide and act upon them correctly always. Talk to people who have been there, done that, then listen to what your inner voice has to say about it. If you think you can make great things happen with the new opportunity that has presented itself, go for it! You will never regret it as it was your own decision.

  1. Keep A Watch On Your Weight:

Keep A Watch On Your Weight

Studies have shown that people put on weight in their twenties the maximum. This might be due to different factors such as more work, no exercise, excessive sitting, bad food habits, and more. To ensure that you are not one of those who increase their weight unnecessarily, make sure you weigh yourself often and take actions needed to keep in shape. Losing a few pounds in your twenties is easier than losing 20 pounds afterward.

  1. Travel:


The twenties is an age that you will not get back. Ensure that you travel as much as possible in your twenties. Learn about various cultures, explore new places, talk to people. You will get a lot to learn in each place you visit and learn by reading about them in books or watching videos. Also, in your twenties, you will have the time for it, if you want to. As you age, it might become challenging to make time.

  1. Learn To Cook:

Learn To Cook

Cooking is a life skill. Moreover, it is a path to happiness, and I would say as food makes us happy no matter what! If you can cook your food, firstly, you feel proud. Secondly, you can make people around you also happy with your skills! You could cook their favorites and bring a smile on their face. Apart from making you happy, cooking your food has other benefits too. These include:

  • Save money, as outside food is always more expensive than the food you cook at home.
  • Be the master of your diet. You can control your eating habits.
  • Helps you keep fit easily.

Make sure you learn to cook not only tasty dishes but also nutritious dishes.

  1. Do Not Smoke, If You Are Already Try To Quit:

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is always injurious to health. Studies have shown that people who smoke lose ten years of their life. If you have not smoked till now, that’s awesome! Keep up the good work. You are not losing anything. But if you have developed a habit of smoking, start the process to quit. It will take time. It might even seem impossible. But constant trying will make it possible. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, go for a run, or do some pushups. These exercises tend to divert your mind from the thought of smoking.

  1. Eat Right:

Eat Right

In your twenties, it is way easier to learn about the right diet for you and stick to it. Stick to the basics. Eat a lot of plant-based foods and avoid junk. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Enjoy every meal you have. Do not hurry it up or eat because you have to. An average man needs about 2500 calories per day, and a woman will need 2000 calories per day. You can plan your diet around these lines. Include good amounts of nuts and dry fruits in your diet. Eating right in your twenties helps you stay healthy for a very long time to come.

  1. Face Your Fears:

Face Your Fears

You might have developed fear towards a few things by the time you turn twenty. The fears might be for various reasons. But now is the time to draw the courage needed to be more fearless slowly. Start with overcoming small worries. These might be overcoming the fear of insects, the dark, strangers, and more. Take one step at a time. Remember that you are the only one who is stopping from doing things that you are afraid of. Try to overcome the fears one at a time.

  1. Appreciate The Resources That You Already Have:

Appreciate The Resources That You Have

In your twenties, you start to dream of big things. You might want to build an empire through business, become the most popular person in your country, be a person people look up to, and more. While it is good to dream big, always remember that you already have resources to help you achieve your goal. You are never alone. All you need to do is identify these resources and put them to play as per your needs. Moreover, life is all about how you make use of things that you have around you to achieve great things!

  1. If You Eat More, Exercise More Too!

If You Eat More, Exercise More Too

This should be a rule that you follow relentlessly if you are a party person. Suppose you want to live a life where you party often; it is your way of life. No one has the right to stop you. But it doesn’t mean you let the lifestyle affect your life as it does more often. However, there is an easy hack when followed, allows you to party all you want. If you intake more junk, you exercise even more to ensure afterward that you burn every bit of the extra calories that you took at the party. This will help you maintain a balance.

  1. Be Productive, Not Busy:

Be Productive, Not Busy

It is very easy to slip into the so-called “Being Busy” phase of life. But remember, it is not about doing something always. It is essential to do something that shows some results that are worth the time. There might be many opportunities that come your way. You are not a superhero to do everything! Learn to be ok with the fact! Identify things that you are good at, and can help you grow. Take up such tasks and work your way through it. Focus on the essential things first. Always have a to-do list with priority and get them done accordingly.

  1. Drink More Water:

Drink More Water

Remember, the earth is what it is because of the magic portion called water available only on this planet. Whatever you do, drink a lot of water. An average amount of water a person would need is around 2-3 liters a day. You don’t have to chug it all at once. Drink it at regular intervals. Drinking water itself helps you stay free from many of the health issues. The more you eat, the more you workout, the more you go out, the more you have to drink water! Never forget about drinking water!

  1. Move Around As Much As Possible:

Move Around As Much As Possible

In your twenties, you might be required to sit and work for long hours. But try to take breaks and make it a point to walk around. You are working on a job that needs you to sit in a place for 8 hours. That is ok, but you have to make it a point to take a walk every hour. Relax. Walk around the campus. Talk to friends. Be on the move! Let your leg muscles workout.

  1. Get All Checkups Done Regularly:

Get All Checkups Done

Make sure you visit your doctor whenever it is needed. Have a routine checkup lined up for you. It is easier to cure things in your twenties than in the later stages of your life. Do not prolong the visit to the doctor if you have been facing some discomfort just because you got to work. Make time and get yourself checked.

  1. Accept Your Failures:

Accept Your Failures

Life can not be perfect. It never is. All we can do is learn to accept our mistakes and failures. Once we know that we are faulted, we can further learn from these mistakes and become better. We can approach people who have been better at the things you failed and ensure that you can do it too. Ego should never stand in your way of success. After all, we are only humans; we tend to make mistakes now and then.

  1. Let The Society Be:

Let The Society Be

Twitter is so popular today! Thanks to the opinion that everyone has about everything. People love to talk. They might ever have been in your situation, but they always think they could have handled the situation better. Everyone loves to comment. Do not get distracted from your goals with the comments from people. These might be both positive and negative. Deep down, you know your worth. Keep working to improve on that every day and reach newer heights.

  1. Money Management:

Money Management

Money is a key factor in life. There is no way you can live without money. You might have heard people say they do not run behind money, but go behind success. Well, this is partially true. But once you are successful, money is inevitable. When you start making money, you should know how to manage it. Else it will be spent too quickly, and you will be left with almost nothing. Learn the best investment practices, understand your spending patterns, save more than spending.

  1. Anger Management:

Anger Management

In our twenties, we have so much energy that many times, we put it out through anger. Every small unexpected event ticks us off. We tend to scream at everything. Learn to calm yourself in unpleasant situations. Anger only causes harm. No good ever comes out of it.

  1. Have Your Plan:

Have Your Plan

Remember, it is your life! No matter what others around you say, be clear what you want to do in life. Work towards it every day. Take time to think if you are going on the right path for it every day. Your twenties are the foundation for your future. Make sure to get it right for an easier tomorrow.

Summing It Up:

Our twenties are the most beautiful period in our lives. Following the above-discussed pointers will surely make it easy for you to lead a happy and successful life for a long time.

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